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Zoho BugTracker

Collaborate & Fix Bugs Fast. Ship Great Software

For small and medium teams who want to fix bugs fast, Zoho BugTracker is an online bug tracking software that is easy to setup and use. Unlike others, our bug tracker is a software that your developers will love to use.

1. Track bugs
Track the progress of the bugs filed based on status, severity and users with bug reports.

2. Automate bugs
Automate bugs with business rules, just the way to your project team works.

3. Custom workflow
Custom workflows allows you to trigger notifications when changing severity of bugs.

4. Custom views
Create your own text, numeric field using custom views to track and fix bugs fast.

5. Github integration
Host your own online repository in Github and stay on top of latest code changes within seconds using changesets in bug tracker.

6. File sharing
Organize and manage files with ease using folders. Tag files with intuitive labels and keep track of changes with the version history.

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Manufacturer: ZOHO Corp (Cloud Solutions)
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