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Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts more quickly and efficiently. Zoho Recruit allows you to spend less time on the process and more time on what you do best: getting the right candidate.

1. Resume Management
Source, Track and Hire candidates more efficiently. Zoho Recruit helps you to gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single place.

2. Post Job Openings
Publish jobs in your website and collect more resumes in a short span of time. This gives your hiring process a much wider exposure.

3. Client and Contact Management
Manage your clients and clients contacts at ease. Upload contract documents and other documents signed with the client for easy reference and get a quick view of the current status of all the job openings and candidates associated to the client.

4. Resume Parsing
Populate resumes from different sources like social sites, mail boxes, hard disks, etc., more quickly than ever. Instead of trying to key in each resume separately, you can easily parse and add resumes to Zoho Recruit.

5. Google Apps Integration
Zoho Recruit for Google Apps with Single Sign-on, allows you to access your Google Contacts, Users, Calendar and Emails from within Zoho Recruit.

6. Email Integration
Track all your email communication with candidates, clients and client contacts inside Zoho Recruit itself.

7. Custom Recruitment Workflow
No two recruiting processes are alike. Zoho Recruit can be fully customized to your needs. Create custom fields with our easy drag-and-drop UI. Trigger customized email notification on status change.

8. Microsoft Outlook Plug-in
Easily add new candidates and contacts directly from Outlook Inbox to your Zoho Recruit - Recruitment Software

Top 5 Reasons to choose Zoho Recruit

1. Comprehensive Applicant tracking
A complete staffing and hiring solution to acquire, screen, assess and position candidates in a short span of time.

2. Faster way to get right candidates
Zoho Recruit has powerful features that helps you to get right candidates without missing a talent faster than ever.

3. Tailor to your needs
Stop worrying about the changing environment. Customize the Zoho Recruit application to match your organization needs.

4. Centralized database
Stop juggling with multiple files. With Zoho Recruit manage all your data from a single place in a secured way.

5. Do More
Zoho Recruit automates and streamlines the hiring process, which saves time and enhances your productivity.

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