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Zoho Projects

Features of Zoho Projects
Complete Project Management Made Easy

1. Task Management

Know what needs to be done, when, by whom. Keep projects organized and on schedule with centralized management and access. And balance workloads to maximize project quality and productivity.

2. Document Sharing

Keep everyone on the same page. Literally. Create important project files directly on your browser to instantly share with team members wherever they are, whenever you want. You can also import docs from any variety of applications such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, AutoCad, Photoshop, PDF and ZIP files.
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3. Time Tracking & Billing

Time is money. Save both with our Time Tracking and Billing feature. Quickly and easily log and track billable hours by employees and departments. Get an up-to the-second look at total project hours. Accurately bill ˇ§as-you-goˇ¨ to optimize cash flow and prevent cost overruns.

4. Bug Tracker

Shipping great code starts here. Instantly identify issues, tasks and bugs. Set priorities and customize workflows to solve the big stuff first. Track and report on progress to shorten development time and eliminate redundancy.

5. Gantt Charts

Get the complete picture. Dynamic Gantt charts let you visually track and share project status, apply the right resources to complete tasks, establish priorities, and assign roles to get more done.

6. Project Wiki

Wiki Pages are a great way for team members to create, share and respond to project-related content like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video clips and more. Build and update your own customized page in minutes with our complete set of drag and drop tools.

7. Chat Rooms

Our built-in chat feature lets everyone come together to discuss important topics, share ideas and resolve real-time. Thereˇ¦s no need to install any add-on chat apps, and the entire transcript is saved so team members can go back later to review and remember.

8. Calendar

Organize all your project events, schedule meetings and appointments, and show key deadlines - all in one centralized place. Group meeting function resolves scheduling conflicts and eliminates double-booking, while automatic reminders make sure everyoneˇ¦s in the right place at the right time.

9. Forums

An idea is only great when itˇ¦s shared. Use our interactive message boards to post topics, spark conversations, and increase collaboration. Unlike e-mails, everyone can follow and participate in the discussion, and put threads in distinct folders for easy access.

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