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Analysing/Monitoring Tools

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring solution that proactively monitors business applications and help businesses ensure their revenue-critical applications meet end user expectations. Applications Manager offers out-of-the-box monitoring support for 50+ applications and servers.


1. Application Discovery

Automatically discovers the application servers, databases, services, systems, transactions, custom applications, virtual resources and cloud apps in your heterogeneous data center.

2. Comprehensive Performance Management

Monitor over 100 key performance indicators of your applications - including response time, resource availability, CPU/memory utilization and more.

3. Holistic View of IT Resources

Manage a wide range of business applications and network services. Get the flexibility to group the application and its related services to be monitored as a single unit.

4. Distributed Monitoring for High Scalability

Monitor up to 50,000 servers or applications with the distributed monitoring capabilities of Applications Manager's Enterprise edition. Get a consolidated view of the resources present in different restricted networks/geographical locations.

5. Fault Management

Identify application faults and resolve those before the end user knows about it. Get notified of problems through e-mail and SMS alerts. Automate resolution of problems by executing corrective programs/scripts, sending SNMP traps. Trigger actions such as automatic start/stop/restart of Windows services, VMs and Amazon EC2 instances based on threshold violations.

6. Root Cause Analysis

Identify performance bottlenecks easily and reduce the time spent on analyzing problems. The root cause analysis view is displayed as a hierarchical structure and is accessible from all pages of the web client.

7. Powerful Reporting

Reporting module empowers line of business managers. Extensive coverage helps administrators in application troubleshooting & capacity planning.

8. Intuitive Web Client

Allows you to monitor and view performance attributes, create custom dashboards and perform admin activities through a web browser interface. You can also access the client via smartphones or the native iPhone app.

9. Multi-User Access

Assign different user roles such as user, operator, administrator and manager and allow for restricted access.

10. Multilingual Support

Apart from the English version, Applications Manager is also available in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, Japanese and Vietnamese languages.

1. Application Server Monitoring

- Microsoft .NET Monitoring
- Oracle Application Server Monitoring
- JBoss Monitoring
- Tomcat Monitoring
- VMware vFabric tc Server Monitoring
- BEA WebLogic Monitoring
- SilverStream Monitoring
- IBM WebSphere Monitoring
- GlassFish Server Monitoring

2. Database Monitoring

- Oracle Management
- MySQL Management
- SQL Server Management
- DB2 Management
- Sybase Management
- PostgreSQL Monitoring
- Memcached Monitoring
- Database Query Monitor
- MongoDB Monitoring
- Cassandra Monitoring

3. System Management

- Windows Monitoring
- Linux Monitoring
- Solaris Monitoring
- AIX Monitoring
- AS400 Monitoring
- HP-Unix / Tru64 Unix Monitoring
- FreeBSD Monitoring
- Novell Monitoring
- Mac OS Monitoring
- User Defined Custom Monitors
- Windows Event Log Monitoring
- File System Monitor
- Windows Performance Counters

4. ERP Monitoring

- SAP Monitor
- Oracle E-Business Suite Monitor

5. Virtualization Monitoring

- VMware Monitoring
- Microsoft Hyper-V Monitor

6. Web Server / Web Services

- Web Services (SOAP)
- Apache Monitoring
- IIS Monitoring
- PHP Monitoring
- SSL Certificate Monitoring
- Active Directory Monitor
- LDAP Monitoring
- DNS Monitoring
- FTP, SFTP Monitoring
- Other Web Servers

7. Website Monitoring

- URL Monitoring
- Record & Playback HTTP Requests
- URL Content Monitoring
- Real Browser Monitor

8. Middleware/Portal Monitoring

- WebSphere MQ Monitor
- MS Office SharePoint Monitor
- WebLogic Integration Monitor
- Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)
- VMware vFabric RabbitMQ

9. Cloud Monitoring

- Amazon EC2 Monitoring
- Amazon RDS Monitoring
- Automated Cloud Resource Management
- Windows Azure Monitoring

10. Web Transaction Monitoring

- Java Web Transaction Monitoring (APM Insight)
- .NET Web Transaction Monitoring
- Ruby on Rails Web Transaction Monitoring
- Java Runtime Monitoring
- JMX Monitoring | SNMP Monitoring

11. Other Features

- Site24x7 Integration
- Enterprise Edition for Scalability
- Applications Manager- Mobile Client
- Applications Manager - iPhone App
- Network Monitoring
- ServiceDesk Plus Integration
- SAN Monitoring
- Anomaly Detection
- World Map Business View
- SLA Management

12. Custom Monitoring

- JMX Consoles
- SNMP Consoles
- File System Monitor
- Windows Performance Counters
- Script Monitoring
- Database Query Monitor

13. End User Monitoring

- End User Management
- End User Monitoring from branch offices

14. Other Applications

- Exchange Server Monitoring
- Service Monitor
- Ping Monitor

Integration with other ManageEngine Software

1. ServiceDesk Plus - Help Desk Software

ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based Help Desk and Asset Management software, offered by ManageEngine. By integrating with ServiceDesk Plus, you can track the alarms generated in Applications Manager as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus.

2. Site24X7 - Web Infrastructure Monitoring Service

Helps you monitor website performance from both within your corporate LAN and from multiple locations outside your data center. Get availability and health reports from over 40+ locations (servers) inside Applications Manager.

3. OpManager - Network Monitoring Software

View the availability and performance of your business applications and network devices such as routers and switches from a single web console.

4. OpStor - Storage Management Software

View the availability and performance of your business applications and storage devices such as storage arrays and fabric switches from a single web console.

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