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Eye Candy for After Effects

Eye Candy for After Effects is a set of 20 time-saving special effects that will enhance any film, video, animation or multimedia project. Sophisticated texture, production and distortion effects have never been easier. Eye Candy for after Effects creates fire, smoke, carves, bevels, and more. Create dazzling effects in a fraction of the time they used to require.

Eye Candy for After Effects automatically adapts to irregular floating objects, modifies layer opacity information, and allows users to draw outside layer boundaries without precomposing. Users can also apply effects based on transparency information from other layers.

Award-winning Eye Candy revamped for film, video and multimedia production
Our Eye Candy Photoshop filter set was so popular that our users suggested that Eye Candy's image editing effects would be great for animation and video compositing in Adobe After Effects. We are happy to oblige with this collection of 20 sophisticated special effects that will enhance any film, video or multimedia project. Eye Candy's formerly stationary filters are set in motion in Eye Candy for After Effects, with new parameters which give users precise control over the effects' time and direction-based aspects. Now, bevels, glows and other complex, organic effects can mutate and snake around your footage with a few mouse clicks.

Superb simulations of natural phenomena include Fire, Smoke and Fur
Eye Candy for After Effects creates simulations of natural phenomena that are more fluid and beautiful than ever, not to mention easier than you ever imagined. Fire and Smoke render a wide range of lapping flames and billowing smoke with a few mouse clicks on our simple controls. Fur is able to simulate anything from porcupine quills to waves of grain. Glass can create watery surfaces, layers of ice and shower doors, and Chrome's effects range from cool metallic gradients to wood surfaces. The wide range of dazzling possibilities in Eye Candy for After Effects will add fuel your creative fires.

Effects Adapt To and Modify Layer Transparency
Eye Candy takes full advantage of After Effects' advanced features; our effects are able to rely on After Effects' alpha channel support to intuitively apply themselves according to layer opacity information. This means that you can draw outside layer boundaries without precomposing, and that the effects can be used with odd-shaped or shifting objects. Our effects can even modify opacity information, allowing you to ignite a logo, for example, and still see through the semi-transparent smoke and flames.

Apply Effects Using Alpha Channels From Different--Even Invisible!--Layers
We've added an Alpha Layer tool in Eye Candy for After Effects that allows users to apply our effects in one layer based on another layer's alpha channel, even if the second layer is invisible. This means, for example, that if you have a text layer and a background layer, you can apply Carve to the background layer using the text layer's alpha channel, creating animated chiseled text on your background. In addition, the new Alpha Origin tool easily adjusts or offsets the Alpha Layer's position to your specifications.

Free, unlimited "Render Only" installations
A customer who wishes to use After Effects network render farms may install the full version of Eye Candy for After Effects on an unlimited number of "render only" machines for no charge.

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