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Atalasoft DotTwain

- Lightweight Scanning Control Acquire images directly to an in-memory image, a file, or post to the web.
- Web Deployment Deploy DotTwain on an ASP.NET webpage and upload images to your ASP.NET application. Completely control the scanning process with JavaScript or .NET code. Deploy as either an ActiveX component or as a "no-touch" browser-hosted Winforms control.
- Batch Scanning Scan multiple documents with an automatic document feeder, and separate pages with the BarcodeReader add-on to DotImage.
- Override the Default TWAIN User Interface With over 80 properties, DotTwain allows you to control the scanning process and create a consistent, custom dialog for all scanners.
- Full control over the scanning session for advanced users.
- Support for all compatible TWAIN 1.X and TWAIN 2.X drivers.
- Broad Scanner Support: Atalasoft has established partnerships with major scanner suppliers such as Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, and HP. We have tested DotTwain with models from many of these manufacturers and our customers have used DotTwain with hundreds of others. Atalasoft is a member of the TWAIN working group and provides code to help certify TWAIN compliance in 3rd party drivers.

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Manufacturer: Atalasoft
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