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SmartBear CodeCollaborator

Code Review

CodeCollaborator, the industry¡¦s first commercial peer code review tool, is changing the way developers write code. In addition, it enables your team to review images, design documents, Microsoft Office documents and schematics in a fifth of the time needed with formal reviews ¡V without meetings, code print-outs, manually-generated ¡§diffs,¡¨ or other painful tasks developers hate.

Peer code review is one of the best ways to immediately improve software quality. With SmartBear CodeCollaborator, code review becomes an efficient way to find bugs and spread information, not a laborious chore.

CodeCollaborator is a web-based tool that simplifies and expedites peer code reviews with team members in other locations, captures the needed review metrics for process improvement or to meet regulatory requirements and improve overall code quality.

SmartBear CodeCollaborator will let you and your team:

- Perform lightweight code reviews that take less than 20% of the time but are just as effective as formal code review.
- Improve software quality by finding defects earlier in the development lifecycle, before software gets to QA or customers.
- Save time and cut out the tedious parts of doing code review (no more meetings and endless emails).
- Increase the likelihood that code reviews will actually get done by making code reviews easy and fun.
- Easily find defects and verify that they get fixed.
- Help offshore teams and new team members get up to speed quickly and contribute quality code sooner.

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