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SmartBear ALMComplet

Application Lifecycle Management Tool

Increase Visibility, Improve Collaboration and Get More Done

ALMComplete gives organizations everything they need to manage all components of the software development lifecycle, including managing customer requirements, project deliverables, test cases, defects, and support tickets. Coupled with collaborative features like document sharing, team calendars, interactive dashboards, knowledge bases, and threaded discussions, your teams will deliver solutions quickly and with higher quality.

The best ways to improve development projects is to more accurately estimate the effort and to reduce rework.

With ALMComplete, you can start with a requirement and create more discrete tasks that are easier to estimate. You can also learn from prior releases by comparing your estimates to actual, allowing you to buffer your estimates for better accuracy.

To reduce rework, ALMComplete allows setting rules that require that the QA team enter ˇ§Steps to Reproduceˇ¨ when entering a new defect, this will reduce vague defects that require many rounds to fix.

- Sane project management: Organize, assign, track, and report on project tasks and progress and improve team resource allocation and agility.
- Ensure full test coverage: Test case management along with test automation integration.
- Requirements and defect management: Close the loop for end-to-end traceability from requirements through testing.
- Collaboration: Calendar and document sharing, threaded discussion forums improve team communication.
- Dashboards and reporting: Improve visibility and illuminate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve software quality.
- Agile and/or Waterfall project methodologies ˇV work the way you want.

Project management: Increase Visibility, Track Project Progress

ALMComplete gives you real-time visibility into project and application status, including costs and schedule variances. Support your project management goals (scope, schedule, and budget) by knowing the current status, expected effort, and cost (the time and expense necessary to implement requirements).

- Allows Project Managers and ScrumMasters to create project plans and decompose requirements into project tasks and deliverables.
- Easily review resource availability, project burn downs, and slipping tasks.
- Track defects and the resolution of defects.
- Integrates with other bug-tracking, SCM, QA and development tools for a best-of-breed approach to your software development process.
- Minimize surprises for your budget or project schedule. Not to mention those uncomfortable meetings with your boss.

Test Case Management

Organizing, planning, and analyzing software testing across the project lifecycle is critical to your success or failure, whether you use manual or automated test cases. As projects must perform despite fewer development resources, higher expectations, unreasonable budgets, and shorter development timelines, any serious development effort needs better test case management. ALMComplete delivers.

- Manage manual test cases and link them back to the original requirements, thereby ensuring a requirement has been met. Evaluate the test run history of those automated tests right from ALMComplete.
- Employ re-usable manual test libraries to quickly create new test scenarios.
- Graphically report automated test runs with plug-ins for many leading automated testing tools, including TestComplete and HP Quick Test Professional (QTP).
- Automation Engineers and QA professionals can create automated test cases that can be re-used as a smoke test or in a full regression suite.
- Testers spend less of their time regression testing existing features. By scheduling tests to run automatically, the team can spend more time thinking about creative ways to test the product, and less time performing repetitious, tedious regression testing tasks.
- Organize your test library any way you like: by component, functional area, release, or Agile sprint.
- Automated tests can be launched from build software such as Automated BuildStudio, Hudson, and CruiseControl.
- Automation of regression tests is a key component of iterative development, and for good reason: It ensures that adding new features or changing functionality doesnˇ¦t break anything. Whichever label you use for that practice, itˇ¦s a good idea.
- Add, print, edit, or email test cases with a single click.

Requirements Management

ALMComplete provides full traceability between requirements, project tasks, and reported defects to improve your agility. By mapping project tasks and defects to requirements, you can ensure that software requirements stay in tune with what users need, even after the release plan is finalized.

Defect and Issue Tracking

With ALMComplete, you track the resolution progress of reported defects and issues. Instead of entering data, developers can spend their time on writing software. Development teams can coordinate activities as bugs are found. Search features, cloning and auto-fill from recent defects make the job easier.

And even better: You donˇ¦t need to enter information twice. For those who already have standardized on another defect tracking tool, ALMComplete is integrated with Atlassian JIRA, HP Quality Center, RallyDev, Version One, Microsoft TFS, Bugzilla, and others.

Collaboration and Communication

ALMComplete has a host of collaboration features to keep teams in sync and to improve team communication.

See what's Happening with Reporting and Dashboards

ALMCompleteˇ¦s dashboards and reports give you greater visibility into the requirements, project tasks, and defects addressed in your software releases. This helps you:

SaaS or On-Premise to Fit Your Needs

Because ALMComplete is offered primarily online (as Software as a Service), you can lower the cost of managing geographically distributed, offshore, or outsourced development. The online version also makes it easy for developers to use the software without pesky installation processors; all they need is a web browser.

Naturally, if you prefer to host the software, we also offer an on-premise option. Both are backed by our outstanding and friendly support staff.

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