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SmartBear DevComplete

Software Development Management Tool

Project Management, Requirements Management, and Defect Tracking

DevComplete helps you improve your software quality by clearly defining project requirements and tracking progress of developments tasks. It helps you spot and correct project slippage by inspecting burn down and task progress. And it analyzes defects and task variances to ensure your team delivers a quality release.

The software supports the goals of project management (scope, schedule, and budget), by knowing your status, effort (such as the time to implement a low-priority requirement), and cost (what does it take to implement requirements?). It・s suited to anyone in the development team, not just a project manager, since really, you・re all responsible for creating :shippable; software at the end of a sprint or development cycle.

- Increase visibility, track project progress, burn downs, slipping tasks, and variances.
- Decompose requirements into project tasks.
- Organize and track requirements, and remove the risk of unclear requirements.
- Track defects and issues to resolution, and link issues to source code and requirements.
- Works well with Agile and Waterfall project methodologies.

Project Management: Increase Visibility, Track Project Progress

DevComplete is a window into your software development process. It tracks daily project status, shows the status of all requirements, and improves software quality and estimating skills for future projects.

Requirements Management: Full Traceability

DevComplete provides full traceability among requirements, project tasks, and defects to improve team agility. With a clear and understandable map showing project tasks, defects, and requirements, you can implement workflow to lock requirements from change once approved and base-lined or if using Agile, you can allow freedom to make requirement changes based on the demands of the moment. Make better-informed decision and ensure you・re delivering the right functionality with requirements traceability.

Defect and Issue Tracking

DevComplete helps you track the status and resolution of reported software defects and issues for each release. Handy features (like searching, cloning and auto-fill from recent defects) mean you can spend less time spent entering data and more time resolving issues.

If you are already using other defect tracking tools you can continue to use those in conjunction with DevComplete. DevComplete is integrated with Atlassian JIRA, HP Quality Center, RallyDev, Version One, Microsoft TFS, or Bugzilla and your team can tie together its project management efforts with defect tracking tools your business already has invested in.

Dashboards and Reporting of Development Activity

DevComplete・s dashboards and reports give you greater visibility into the requirements, project tasks, and defects addressed in your software releases. During the release process, you can produce a Release Report that clearly identifies which requirements are included in the release, which defects were fixed, and which tasks were completed

Secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or On-premise

DevComplete・s SaaS offering helps you lower the cost of managing geographically distributed, offshore, and outsourced development teams. Because the software is web-based, it・s easier for new developers on the team to use (no messy installation issues), which means you get better data from which to work.

For those who would prefer to host the software, or are unable to utilize a SaaS model, we also offer an on-premise option. Both are backed by our outstanding and friendly support staff.

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