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E-Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Director

Email Marketing Director takes the ten years of proven, bulletproof email automation technology found in our higher-priced products and puts it in a streamlined, astoundingly easy to use software product that allows anyone to create and deliver personalized email marketing campaigns.

Everything you need is right here:

-- A built-in database supporting an unlimited number of lists
-- Easy to use database filtering logic so you can select only qualifying people from your list
-- Automatic bounce handling and unsubscribe handling
-- Built-in email delivery server that frees you from email limits placed by your ISP
-- Built-in, professionally-designed email newsletter templates that bring impressive professionalism to your email messages
-- Email message personalization is easy: just drop in any field from the database
-- Easy, common-sense database functions: import, export, even edit your subscribers' records
-- On-screen HTML editor lets you build and preview your HTML email messages with no hassle
-- Save, view and reuse an unlimited number of email campaigns

Who is Email Marketing Director for?

If you've wanted to use email marketing in your organization, or deliver email newsletters to your subscribers, but you didn't want to use complex, confusing software that's too technical, Email Marketing Director is the perfect choice for you.

It's amazingly easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. Most users can send their first email campaign in under fifteen minutes, and sending subsequent campaigns takes mere seconds. Even if you have no technical background whatsoever, Email Marketing Director makes it simple to create email marketing campaigns.

What can you do with Email Marketing Director?

No matter what you do, email marketing can make your organization more efficient and prosperous. With Email Marketing Director, you can:

-- Send order follow-up emails to customers
-- Deliver email newsletters to readers
-- Send news alerts to subscribers
-- Broadcast important reminders to members
-- Email your suppliers, dealers or wholesalers
-- Conduct public relations campaigns
-- Email your voters and constituents
-- Invite family members to a reunion
-- Email your local customers and invite them back to your retail establishment
-- Send coupons or special offers to your customer base

Of course, Arial Software is a strong proponent of permission email marketing, so make sure you only email people who have asked to be your subscribers.

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