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OfficePax is a software suite that helps small and mid-sized businesses increase productivity and help their bottom line without the expense and IT commitment of purchasing and supporting expensive Windows servers.

Companies - regardless of size - have been forced to use dedicated servers to support the tools they need, including email, shared contacts and contact management, calendaring, instant messaging, billing and invoicing, file transfer and timesheets. OfficePax runs on any NT platform, so there is no need to install a dedicated server to run it. Not only does this save money up front, but it eliminates the need for full-time IT support to manage the system.

OfficePax is fully scalable and is ideal for companies with distributed workforces. All functions can be accessed through a VPN from any computer where a client is installed, and the entire suite can be downloaded and deployed in a matter of minutes through an intuitive Web-based interface. New users can be added to the system in a matter of minutes, eliminating the cost and lost productivity of traditional provisioning.

The best feature in OfficePax is that you can work locally as you would remotely. The way you connect is though a local IP address, public IP address, Domain name, or PID (Provider ID - which we allocate to you).

The OfficePax Customer Relationship Management provides you with a smooth and easy platform to keep track of customer interactions. Our CRM was developed to allow small businesses the ease in tracking sales opportunities, quotes, phone calls, etc, and yet integrate it with the power of the OfficePax suite. And as all the other shared features, our customer relationship management platform is easily shared between the users on the network.

OfficePax Features:

- Share Calendars
- Working Remotely
- Share Email
- Track Invoices and Billing.
- OfficePax has a built in business report generator
- Shared Folders
- Shared Contacts & Interactions
- Track your working hours more effectively
- Instantly Message
- Solid Task and Project Management.

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Manufacturer: eTouchWare (OfficePax)
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