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Cybozu® Share360® version 2

What is Cybozu® Share360®?

As a sixth-generation product from industry-leader Cybozu, Share360 is a groupware suite with applications like Scheduler, WebMail, Cabinet, Announcements, Project, Web Forms and more. Share360 provides the applications your need to effectively communicate and coordinate your office or group.

Cybozu Share360 is Affordable Groupware
Share360 saves you money with up-front pricing which costs you hundreds of dollars less per user. With affordable upgrades, one-time payment and no hidden costs or annual fees, Share360 groupware offers an immediate value. Our 60-day no-obligation free trial (no money down!) allows you to run a fully-functional version of Share360 for your evaluation.

Cybozu Share360 is Accessible Groupware
Share360 applications can be set up to run on your intranet or on the Internet, allowing users to access their accounts quickly and easily. Share360 Sync for Palm OS®, Sync for Pocket PC and Share360 Outlook Sync allow you to take critical data with you while you're on the go.

Cybozu Share360 is Hassle-Free Groupware
Share360 is easy to download and install and even easier to maintain. There are no necessary client installations, so once you have Share360 up and running, it will be available to all of your users. You can run Share360 on Windows, Linux or FreeBSD (you may migrate between operating systems free of charge), or even arrange for pre-installed packaged solutions or hosted solutions by Hitachi Software.

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Manufacturer: Cybozu
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