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ApexSQL Audit

Automatically generates triggers to create a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000 or 2005 data audit log. Ships with a powerful reporting utility to extract the data into meaningful reports. Free web reporting client. Includes Command Line Interface.


- [New] SQL 2005 support
- FREE web based (ASP and ASP.NET) reporting client WITH FULL SOURCE CODE available on downloads page
- Scriptable, customizable trigger templates that allow you to modify triggers.
- Profiles automatically save your field and audit selections from your last session. No more tedious reconstruction of Audit plan.
- Trigger management module - delete, enable / disable view triggers in an easy to use interface.
- Incredibly functional template editor enables you to modify triggers or create your own using Microsoft VBScript or JScript and leveraging the full power of Microsoft Script parser and debugger.
- Template editor offers intellisense support for the Audit object model and includes a built in property page.
- Powerful data management module for deleting audit data. Functionality includes the ability to create, save and schedule Data Transformation Jobs. The DTS job manager also allows for editing and deleting existing jobs.
- Amazingly comprehensive Help file includes step by step articles, full object model, examples and architects notes.
- Real Reports - audit reports that allow you to print and export preformatted HTML.
- Both Standard and Aggregate Reporting supported - reports can be output to Excel, text, HTML and printer.
- An Audit data management grid allows you to filter, sort and group Audit data for quick and powerful analysis.
- Easily manage Audit architectures by editing scripts from within the application, installing architecture, removing architecture and running an analysis on the integrity of the current database's architecture.
- Ability to view triggers directly from interface and even enable / disable them directly from the main form.
- The Table list indicates which tables are currently audited.
- Quick controls allow selection of all tables, all field and all audit options or any combination of these.
- View object DDL directly from the application.
- Write triggers directly to the database, automatically call SQL Server Query-Analyzer and load in the script file or use default script editor.

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