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ApexSQL Clean

Risk free delete, Impact Analysis and Graphical Dependency Viewer for SQL Server

Ever wonder how many objects in your database were really referenced/used by other database objects or client applications?

Want to view database dependencies visually even across databases and servers and/or export to xml/html for additional analysis.

Are you interested in column level dependencies for pre-impact analysis?

Concerned about the unreliability of native sql server dependency tracking (i.e. sysdepends table still unfixed in SQL 2005)?

ApexSQL Clean looks for unreferenced and unused database objects like tables and procedures and displays all relationship in a powerful graphical, dependency viewer, using a proprietary dependency viewer that doesn't rely on SQL Server sysdepends table. Dynamically browse your object dependencies using powerful visual components like Overview and Heirarchical Dependency Treeview. Print and/or save your target diagram in a variety of graphical formats.

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Manufacturer: ApexSQL
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