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ApexSQL Diff

Compare your SQL Databases in seconds - including BOTH Data and Structure

Automate Database comparisons with a powerful Command Line Interface

Synchronize your database

Integrate seamlessly into your build process

ApexSQL Diff 2005 is a sophisticated database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc between two SQL Server databases.

ApexSQL Diff implements a state of the Art solution to the most complex database comparison scenarios including many unique features like Diff codes, RegEx object filters, Project Wizards and much more

Includes Command Line Interface!


- [NEW] SQL Server 2005 Support
- [NEW] Regular expression object filters Pre and Post comparison
- [NEW] Sophisticated Comparison Wizard for both Data and Structure
- [NEW] Synchronization Wizard for both Data and Structure
- [NEW] Column level Data comparison
- [NEW] New row level script difference viewer
- [NEW] Advanced handling of owners in Synchronization script
- [NEW] Owner Mapping in comparison
- [NEW] Improved HTML Report for Structure and Data
- [NEW] Improved XML Export for Data
- [NEW] Significantly Improved Performance
- Compare Structure AND Data: ApexSQL Diff is a complete solution that compares Database Structure AND Data.
- Difference Codes: ApexSQL Diff is the only product to offer visual clues as to the reason for the difference - other products force you to script the object first before determining what the difference is.
- Command Line interface: ApexSQL Diff includes a powerful command line interface that can accept profiles of Option and Object selections.
- Office Themed Interface: The familiar Microsoft Office themed interface makes learning ApexSQL Diff simple. The fully customizable interface makes working with it extremely fast and comfortable.

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Manufacturer: ApexSQL
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