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ApexSQL Script

Process SQL Server Data and Objects into T-SQL Scripts, Executables and .NET Packages

Apex SQL Script is a SQL tool that scripts data and structures from any Microsoft SQL Server database table (or view) that can be archived, emailed, checked into source control, run against another database etc.

Scripts are ordered based on proprietary dependency algorithms to ensure proper order of generated scripts and the the output can be written to script or an executable package.

Includes Command Line Interface


- [NEW] SQL Server 2005 support
- [NEW] Proprietary dependency algorithm ensures scripts are always created in the proper order
- [NEW] Scripts are parsed to allow users to add owners where they are missing, or explicitly exclude them, or map them to user defined users
- [NEW] Combine Structure and Data scripts into a single file
- [NEW] Create C# projects or .NET executables in addition to script based output
- Provides scripting capabilities for the extended properties of all objects
- Script objects too (with incredible performance) - tables, procedures etc for complete deployment solution
- Completely redesigned interface
- Tremendous performance improvements especially on large tables
- Support for all sql datatypes (including Text, Image, sql_variant etc)
- Ability to append where clause to Table/Views via interface
- Table / View aliases so you can script one table/view to a different table/view
- Column level scripting - this feature allows you to pick and choose what columns you want to include in the script
- Table/View level row limits. Now you have the option to limit the number of rows to script on an individual Table / View level
- Allows you to suppress All Constraints and/or Triggers prior to running scripts
- Handles Identity fields to either increment or copy the exact values using the SQL Identity_Insert command.
- Auto sequencing of tables based on system table reference data allows data to be removed and then inserted again in reverse order to allow processing of insert scripts even while referential integrity is still being enforced.
- Option to Add custom comments to sql file and as each table is processed.
- Option to allow Print statements to be added to sql script.
- Option to Delete all records from each table prior to processing inserts.
- Option to script only n rows for each table.
- Frequency of transaction commits is variable and can be set to every n number of rows.
- Ability to save and retrieve Table Order profiles for each database.
- See sample Insert script for Pubs database - Inserts.txt

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