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ApexSQL Log

Audit SQL Server and Recover Lost Data in one incredibly versatile tool!

ApexSQL Log is a powerful Microsoft SQL Server log auditing tool that analyzes SQL Server's own transaction log to display information on data changes

Since ApexSQL Log reads the transaction log, no database overhead or the use of database triggers is required, and audits can be done on changes made even before the tool was installed.

Ooops - wish you could UNDO that create statement!? ApexSQL Log is the Industry's most powerful recovery options for SQL Server 2005. We've helped customers recover single statements to 350 GB databases!

ApexSQL Log has the ability to read online logs, detached logs and log backups. It allows users to recover dropped/truncated tables, tracks individual row history, and can generate UNDO and REDO scripts on the fly. Log also features powerful filtering abilities to help users locate and isolate specific transactions quickly and easily.


- [NEW] SQL Server 2005 Support (SQL Server 7 and 2000 still supported)
- [NEW] Recovery Wizard - recover dropped, deleted, truncated and lost data as well as dropped objects
- [NEW] New Log Creation Wizard
- [NEW] Regular Expression Table filter
- [NEW] Column level Grid filter - for complex, compound filtering post log reading
- [NEW] Many grid new grid features - compound sorting and grouping, column picker, check all, collapse/expand, improved grid navigation etc
- [NEW] Significantly improved engine
- [NEW] Automatic update feature
- [NEW] Filter Wizard with XML based filter profiles
- Command Line Interface
- Data Recovery
- Database Definition Language (DDL) auditing. Changes to system tables can now be exported as DDL statements from client and from command line
- NT user name, application name and client host auditing
- Multi-threaded UI showing operations as they are found.
- Automatic UPDATE reconstruction
- Batch/command line exporting
- Read detached log files.
- Generation of UNDO/REDO scripts.
- Live log support.
- XML export.
- Passively audit using transaction log backups or live log files what has been inserted, updated (both before and after), and deleted from every table in your database.
- Powerful filtering, grouping and sorting of log data.
- View field level data for each row in insert, update and delete. View history of changes of a row.
- Audit seamlessly multiple transaction log backups or live log files.
- Printing of log and history views.
- State of the art interface with Multiple Themes, panel docking, customizable toolbars

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