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Aurigma Image Uploader Professional

What is Aurigma Image Uploader?
Aurigma Image Uploader is a versatile file upload solution for a wide range of websites. Whether you need a photo uploader for a social networking site, photo sharing service, online image gallery, or content management system, Image Uploader can do the heavy lifting.

Why Aurigma Image Uploader?
With Aurigma you will easily organize file upload to your website. With minimum efforts you will give your users convenient upload interface allowing them upload a lot of files without any problems. It is especially handy as photo uploader: it can resize photos, crop, rotate - utterly useful for any photo website!

How Aurigma is used?
Using Aurigma is simple: you embed Image Uploader into the upload page on your website, write a few lines of server-side code which saves files to the necessary folder or database, and thatíŽs it. Once finished, your users will be able to upload multiple files (or even folders!) to your website with a single click.

Upload from any browser!
With both ActiveX and Java compatibility, Image Uploader can be used with all modern browsers íV Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. It offers a simple, intuitive user interface for all your users regardless of operating system or browser.

Upload to any server platform!
Image Uploader can be installed in diverse development environments including: ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, JSP, ASP, and any others. Image Uploader is 100% compatible with AJAX technologies. And if you are using an open source CMS system like Drupal or Joomla, we have some ready-to-use Image Uploader plugins.

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