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Aurigma Image Uploader Print

What is Aurigma Image Uploader Print?
Aurigma Image Uploader Print is a photo upload solution especially designed to meet the needs of the photo print business. It solves a crucial task X the transfer of photos from customers' computers to your server so that you could fulfill orders.

Why Aurigma Image Uploader Print?
With Aurigma you provide your customers with an intuitive upload interface that enables them to upload multiple photos at a single click. We took care to make the picture upload process as simple as possible. Aurigma can also make the upload process not just user-friendly, but fast and cost-efficient. By resizing photos before the upload, it significantly reduces inbound traffic and server load.

Available for all customers
Aurigma works on any operating system your customers use. Implemented as an ActiveX control and Java applet, Aurigma is also available for all modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and others.

Compatible with any server platforms
Are you building your website on the LAMP platform? Or you are a user of Microsoft technologies? Maybe you prefer Java-based web services? Whatever server technology you use, Aurigma Image Uploader Print can be used with all of them! Integrate Aurigma into websites created with ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Ruby, ColdFusion and others

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Manufacturer: Aurigma
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