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BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition

CGControlBar ("Business Components Gallery ControlBar") is an MFC extension library that allows you to create Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003 and Microsoft® Visual Studio®.NET-like applications with full customization options (customizable toolbars, menus, keyboard and more).
BCGControlBar library has more than 150 thoroughly designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes. Our components can be easily incorporated into your application and save you hundreds of development and debugging hours.

BCGControlBar Professional Edition is an MFC extension library that includes many advanced features such as detachable tab windows, auto hide windows, docking control bars and toolbars that display context while dragging, new docking algorithms (similar to algorithms introduced in Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET® environment and Microsoft® Visio®), shortcut bars with detachable panes, tabbed toolbars, text editor with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense®-style support, completely flat look and more.

The library architecture is based on our own MFC-compatible implementation of control bars.

Most of the new features are enabled and managed automatically by the library core. Also, we predict a very smooth and easy migration/upgrade of your existing code from the Standard Edition or a pure MFC application to the Professional Edition.

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Manufacturer: BCGSoft
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