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Xtreme CommandBars for Active-X COM

Codejock Software's Xtreme CommandBars provides Windows developers with comprehensive, fully customizable menus and toolbars giving your application a professional and modern interface with sophisticated Office style command bars and One Note style MDI tab windows. The framework fully supports menu and toolbar customization to give you more control over your applications workspace. Xtreme CommandBars comes with built in theme support that will allow you to choose from predefined themes such as Office XP, Office 2003, Visual Studio .NET, Whidbey, or create your own custom theme.

Users will no longer need to fumble through confusing and boring menus when using the Office 2007 style Ribbon Bar component. Xtreme RibbonBar includes enhanced navigation capabilities by grouping menu and toolbar commands into logical blocks that are arranged in tabular format. The Ribbon Bar includes the Luna (blue), Obsidian (black) and the Aqua Office 12 Beta 1 themes.

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Manufacturer: Codejock Software
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