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ComponentOne Studio for WinForms

Over 60 .NET controls, including the ones you can't get anywhere else. We've got your back with smart designers, hundreds of samples, and an active community forum. ComponentOne Studio® for WinForms can handle anything, from a grid with a million rows to a chart with unlimited points.

What's Inside?

Add barcode images to grid cells, Web pages, or regular .NET PrintDocument objects. Just add the control to your form and set the encoding type.

Get 80+ types of 2D and 3D charts, designers for code-free development, visual effects, customizable charting elements, and more.

Get additional rich data views in the native ADO.NET datasets. DataExtender simplifies working with ADO.NET.

Complete data and business objects framework that can be used in .NET apps of any range, scalability, and architecture.

View Help files in your Windows Forms apps. Provide Help on individual controls, including hyperlinks, images, tables, and more.

Read and write Microsoft Excel files to your .NET Apps. OpenXml format support allows you to save smaller, compressed XLSX files.

Present your data in the form of vector graphics and animation. Draw content to a single frame, create animation, or organize a slide show.

Display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data.

Powerful suite of input validation controls. Display dynamic data in a visual format, manage dataset navigation, and much more.

Single control that acts like a complete data-entry form, managing the design, layout, appearance, and behavior of multiple input controls.

Get a full-featured list box control and a multi-column drop-down column list box with Microsoft Excel-like splits, incremental searching, in-cell objects, and more.

Menus and Toolbars
Create docking/floating toolbars, multi-level menus, global key shortcuts, collapsible/expandable pages, a window list for MDI applications, and much more.

Create Adobe PDF documents from your apps. Get security, compression, outlining, hyper-linking, attachments, and more.

The tools you need to meet your reporting, printing, previewing, and exporting needs.

Make your UI complete with a Ribbon style menu. Get Ribbon and status bar functionality with the same look and feel as the new Microsoft Office 2007 UI.

Add Microsoft Outlook-style scheduling into your apps with drag-and-drop support, built-in visual styles, data views, appointment labels, and more.

Create resolution-independent, resizable forms. The powerful grid layout manager extends the basic layout capabilities provided by the .NET Framework.

.NET product for multi-language spell checking, provides the easiest-to-use and most efficient spell checker available.

Add Vista-style ToolTips and labels that can display HTML content to your .NET apps without security concerns.

True DBGrid
Quickly create bound and unbound grid apps with fast data access and data presentation such as splits, grouping, filtering, and customized navigation.

Quickly compress data, saving disk space and network bandwidth, and easily manipulate and work with compressed data.

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