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IP*Works! EDI

IP*Works! EDI / AS2 includes software components for AS1, AS2, and AS3 communications, the leading Internet standards for secure EDI transmissions. These protocols enable new levels of security and reliability while at the same time providing significant cost savings by leveraging the Internet as a ubiquitous network instead of traditional EDI VANs.

Comprehensive E-Business Suite
Includes components that enable AS1, AS2, and AS3 EDI-INT communications as well as digital certificate creation & management.

Fully-Embeddable Components
Native software components for various technologies enable seamless integration with any application or solution.

Outstanding Technical Support
Backed by an expert team of support professionals. Unlimited free Email support or paid Premium Support options.

eBusinessReady™ Certified Solution
Successfully completed interoperability certification with all other DGI (UCC) AS2 certified products.
Uniform & Extensible Design
Very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive, and extensible design. Common component interfaces across platforms & technologies.

Other Features íK
Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully-indexed help files, and more.

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