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Indigo Rose MSI Factory 2.0

Overview of MSI Factory 2.0
Donˇ¦t put up with the hassles, excuses and outsourced technical support that you get with your current installation toolkit. Join the thousands of developers who have made the switch to our next generation software deployment tools. Our fresh approach to Windows installers is exactly what youˇ¦ve been looking for. MSI Factory 2.0 makes the task of creating professional installers faster, easier and hassle-free. We guarantee it or youˇ¦ll get your money back.

- Create 100% pure Microsoft Windows Installer (.MSI) format software installers. If you're developing software that will be installed in a corporate or government environment, or you plan on applying for Windows logo certification, you'll need an MSI installer.

- Intelligent development environment makes installer creation faster, easier and more reliable than ever before. MSI Factory 2.0's visual IDE focuses on the files you want to distribute, rather than on abstract concepts like components, features and GUIDs. While you still have access to all the advanced MSI features you could want (should you feel like getting your hands dirty), our approach is simply more intelligent than other installer builders.

- Next generation Windows Installer XML (WiX) compiler technology for the ultimate in flexibility and control. This is the same technology Microsoft uses internally for creating installers for products like Microsoft® Office, SQL Server™, BizTalk® and Windows Live Messenger®.

- Unique fully scriptable .EXE bootstrap wrapper. With LZMA data compression for incredibly small installers and 200+ actions including HTTP downloads for unprecedented flexibility in an MSI based installer.

- Make a single installer that is compatible with all Windows systems, including Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, ME, 98 and even 95.

- Extensive list of actions included MSI Factory 2.0 comes standard with actions including registry editing, shortcut icons, file operations, INI files, environment variables, custom VBScript/JScript, file permissions, installing and controlling services, XML editing, working with ODBC and much more.

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Manufacturer: Indigo Rose
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