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Develop robust PACS Imaging applications with LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging. Features include Medical Web Viewer Framework, high and low level PACS SCP and SCU functions and controls, secure PACS communication, comprehensive DICOM data set support, image annotation, extended grayscale image display such as window level and LUT processing, and specialized medical image processing. Other features include lossless JPEG compression, JPIP and signed and unsigned image data processing.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging SDK?

1. Extensive DICOM Data Set Technology

- DICOM Technology Overview
- DICOM Data Set
- DICOM Waveform
- DICOM Annotation
- DICOM Digital Signature Profiles
- DICOM for Silverlight and Windows Phones

2. Robust Enterprise Level PACS Client and Server Technology

- PACS Technology Overview
- DICOM PACS Communication
- DICOM PACS Communication Security
- PACS Client and Server Framework
- PACS Workstation Framework
- Medical Web Viewer Framework
- Print to PACS

3. 3D Volume Construction and Advanced Visualization

- Automatically generates 3D volumes from 2D slices
- Provides five different volume rendering techniques: MIP, VRT, MPR, MinIP, and SSD
- 3D Projection and Camera Manipulation
- 3D Object Manipulation
- Load and Save 3D Volume and Mesh
- LEADTOOLS Medical 3D Control
- 3D Volume Slab
- Single and Double Cut Plane and MIP Slab
- 3D rendering is fully integrated with the LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer control

4. Grayscale and Color Medical Image Processing

- Medical Image Processing
- General Image Processing
- Signed Image Data
- Statistical Information
- Imaging Common Dialogs

5. Image Display and Annotation

- Specialized Medical Image Display
- High-level Medical Image Display Container
- Medical Web Viewer Framework
- Image Annotation and markup
- Image Display Functions for .NET, C and C++
- Image Display Controls for .NET and C++
- Image Display Controls for Silverlight and Windows Phone
- ASP.NET Web Form Imaging Controls
- WPF Imaging Controls
- Print Images to Windows Printers

6. Image Capture and Acquisition

- Virtual Printer Driver to capture print jobs from any application
- Acquire images and control TWAIN devices and scanners
- Optimize scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN acquisition
- Acquire images and control WIA devices and scanners
- Capture images from the screen

7. Image Load, Save, Conversion and Compression

- Image formats including DCM for desktop and web applications
- DICOM Data Set Support for Silverlight and Windows Phones
- Archive files and data to CD, DVD and ISO files
- WIC Codecs
- High-level image compression optimizer to automatically optimize bit depth and compression settings
- Compress and Decompress over 150 formats including:
- JPEG 2000
- RLE and PackBits
- Huffman
- Arithmetic
- Load, save and modify image metadata
- Imaging Common Dialogs

8. LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging can be Extended to Add More Technology

Add-on modules and plug-ins may be added to LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging to add even more imaging technology.

- LEADTOOLS Medical HTML5 Module
- LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module
- LEADTOOLS OCR Module - Advantage
- LEADTOOLS OCR Module - Professional
- LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR Module - Professional
- LEADTOOLS Asian OCR Module - Professional
- LEADTOOLS ICR Module - Professional
- LEADTOOLS 1D Barcode Module
- LEADTOOLS 2D Barcode Module

9. Platforms and Programming Interfaces

- Windows API - x86 & x64
- C/C++
- .NET
- C#, VB, C++/CLI, XAML
- WinForms, WPF, Web Forms, Silverlight, WCF, WF
- WinRT - x86, x64 & ARM
- C#, VB, C++/CX, JavaScript
- JavaScript
- Web Services
- iOS & OS X
- Objective-C, C/C++
- Android
- Java, C/C++
- Linux
- C/C++

10. Support and Documentation

- Source code for many demo projects to help jump-start your development
- Comprehensive documentation for every function, method, property and event and various "How To Use" topics
- Free technical support

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