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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer is an IT Compliance & Event Log Management Software for SIEM

Your organizations IT infrastructure generate huge amount of logs every day and these machine generated logs have vital information that can provide powerful insights and network security intelligence into user behaviors, network anomalies, system downtime, policy violations, internal threats, regulatory compliance, etc. However, the task of analyzing these event logs and syslogs without automated log analyzer tools can be both time-consuming and painful if done manually.

EventLog Analyzer provides the most cost-effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software on the market. Using this Log Analyzer software, organizations can automate the entire process of managing terabytes of machine generated logs by collecting, analyzing, searching, reporting, and archiving from one central location. This event log analyzer software helps to mitigate internal threats, conduct log forensics analysis, monitor privileged users and comply to different compliance regulatory bodies by intelligently analyzing your logs and instantly generating a variety of reports like user activity reports, regulatory compliance reports, historical trend reports, and more.

What problems does it solve?

- How GungHo Online Entertainment Streamlines Log Management for its MMORPG Network Infrastructure with EventLog Analyzer
- ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer enables Benefit One Inc. to achieve 20% reduction in overall IT Spending
- EventLog Analyzer helps First Mountain Bank stay Compliant with The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Audit Requirements
- Florida Department of Transportation uses EventLog Analyzer for Privileged User Monitoring & Audit (PUMA)
- How TRC Companies, Inc. addressed the SOX compliance audit requirement?

Unlock the Real Value of your Machine Generated Logs

1. Centralized Log Collection
- Agentless log collection (optional agents available)
- Collects logs from heterogeneous sources (Windows systems, Unix/Linux systems, Applications, Databases, Routers, Switches and other Syslog devices) at a centralized location

2. Compliance Reports
- Generate pre-defined/canned compliance reports for Event logs & Syslogs, to meet HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA and more
- Provides value added new feature to create custom report for new compliance to help comply with growing new regulatory acts demanding compliance in future

3. Universal Log Parsing & Indexing
- Decipher any log data regardless of the source and log format
- Allows you to index any machine-generated logs (provided it is in human readable, non-encrypted format) by defining and extracting log fields of your choice using regular expression (regex) patterns

4. Log Search
- Search for anything, not just a handful of pre-indexed fields, and quickly detect network anomalies - misconfigurations, viruses, user activities, system/applications errors, etc.
- Conduct a search using Wild-cards, Phrases and Boolean operators
- Users can also conduct Grouped searches and Range searches.

5. Privileged User Monitoring
- Collects and analyzes all events on privileged user activities
- Get precise information of user access such as which user performed the action, what was the result of the action, on which server it happened and track down the user workstation from where the action was triggered

6. Log Forensics
- Drill down to raw logs events and do a root cause analysis within minutes, and drastically reduce the time-to-remediate
- Generate network forensic reports like user activity reports, system audit reports, regulatory compliance reports, etc.
- Pinpoint the exact log entry which caused the security activity in minutes

7. Real-time Alerting
- Automatic alerting allows you to receive real-time alert notifications directly via Email, SMS or Program execution
- Set Alert based on specific type of compliance violation for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, etc., based on failed logon attempts, policy changes, account changes, and audit logs cleared

8. Log Archive
- Automatically archives all machine generated logs, system logs, device logs & application logs to a centralized repository
- Encrypts the event log archive files to ensure the log data is secured for future forensic analysis, compliance and internal audits.
- Archived log data is hashed & time-stamped to make it tamper-proof

9. Internal Threat Monitoring
- Analyzes security events and identifies unauthorized and failed logins, and rogue user(s) in real-time
- Set alerts for suspicious hosts, and monitor events exclusively to find out who is responsible for them

10. Schedule Reports
- Pre-defined and custom reports can be scheduled to be generated at specified time intervals
- Get reports in multiple report formats, like PDF, CSV, and schedule them to run periodically, and even get them emailed to multiple administrators

Why Choose EventLog Analyzer?

1. Unlock the Business Value of your Logs

- Supports an extensive array of machine generated logs which includes system logs, device logs, and application logs
- Provides a wide range of reports for external threat monitoring, change management and regulatory compliance

2. Attractive TCO and rapid ROI

- No additional hardware required, minimal IT overhead, ease-of-deployment and ease-of-use ensures a low TCO and rapid ROI
- Competitively priced. Quick deployment, instant results, reduced IT overhead ensures rapid ROI

3. Meet dynamic business needs quickly

- Rapidly transforms machine generated logs into actionable information
- Receive reports in user friendly formats (PDF and CSV) and meet regulatory business requirements

4. Productivity improvement for IT / MSSP

- From product deployment to report generation in minutes!
- Real-time alerts to network events enable IT to respond instantaneously to security threats

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