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Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS

SourceAnywhere for VSS is the fastest Visual SourceSafe (VSS) internet access solution recommended by Microsoft. As a VSS add-in, SourceAnywhere for VSS provides fast, reliable and secure internet access for VSS 6.0 and VSS 2005 users. While the local team continue using VSS, the remote team can use SourceAnywhere for VSS to access the same VSS database. It greatly improves the productivity of offsite users.

Up to 100 Times Faster than Visual SourceSafe (VSS) remotely!
SourceSafe internet access is too slow. SourceAnywhere for VSS features "delta transfers" to transmit only the incremental changes between files, fast transfer compression, and Cache Server to reduce file transfer over the internet.

Enhanced Security
SourceAnywhere for VSS uses SSL and Blowfish encryption to protect code in transit, and the client/server architecture eliminates the need to expose the VSS database file system to remote users. The security of the password is the frontline of any system. The built-in password policy of SourceAnywhere for VSS can be enforced to protect your VSS password.

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver and other IDE integration
SourceAnywhere for VSS can be fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 6/2003/2005/2008/2010. It supports Eclipse integration on Windows and other operating systems. Integration with Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex and other MSSCCI compatible IDEs are also supported.

Build Automation
SourceAnywhere for VSS integrates with CruiseControl.NET and ANT to provide continuous integration and automatic build support.

Besides native Windows client, SourceAnywhere for VSS Java client extends VSS to other platforms, such as Linux, Max, Solaris and AIX.

Less Database Corruption
During lengthy SourceSafe internet operations, one network glitch can leave your VSS database corrupted. SourceAnywhere for VSS significantly reduces the database corruption by transferring the files to the server first and then operating on your VSS database in LAN.

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