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Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone

SourceAnywhere Standalone is SQL server-based version control software with seamless integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other IDEs, cross-platform support, and unique caching mechanism for remote performance.

Being powerful source code control software designed to replace VSS, SourceAnywhere Standalone offers special optimizations for VSS users. Familiar UI and working style makes developers feel right at home, while Import Tool ensures effortless data migration. With robust SQL Server storage, there will be no more database corruption. SourceAnywhere source control also comes with faster remote speed, enhanced security, cross-platform support, and better scalability & reliability.

Simple Migration from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS)
The familiar user interface greatly reduces the learning curve and makes and the transition as straightforward as possible. Also, a VSS data import tool is provided to ensure no data history is lost.

Fast Version Control Performance even Remotely
SourceAnywhere Standalone revision control has very high performance locally and remotely. It features "delta transfers" ( transmiting only the incremental changes between files), fast transfer compression, plus a Cache Server to further enhance the remote performance for offsite offices.

Better Source Control Features than VSS
On top of all the source control features VSS supports, SourceAnywhere comes with more. Pending Check-ins window displays all files checked out by the current user; Email notification system informs us of team membersíŽ check-in, checkout and other source control operations; Shelve/Unshelve enables saving local changes to the repository without meddling with the server copies. More features.

Your Code is in Good Hands
All the repository data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express to ensure the integrity of your data under version control.

Enhanced Security
SourceAnywhere Standalone uses SSL and Blowfish encryption to protect source code in transit, and the client/server architecture eliminates the need to expose the file system to remote users.

In addition to the Windows client, Java Client enables developers to version control the source code from any operating system that supports the J2SE Java runtime environment, including Mac, Linux, and more.

Multi-IDE Support
SourceAnywhere Standalone supports source control integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 6/2003/2005/2008/2010, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and many other MSSCCI-compatible IDEs.

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