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Contour Reporter

Reporting & Analysis íV Contour Reporter

Contour Reporter 4.1 is universal software for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis.

It allows managers and specialists quickly get business intelligence reports to improve corporate management - sales reports, customers, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports.

New quality of reporting
OLAP technology, integrated in Contour Reporter lets users view data from different angles, instantly summarize and drill down into data, apply any combination of filters, perform rich graphical analysis and thus better and faster understand information to make better decisions.

Contour Reporter has a simple and friendly spreadsheet-like user interface. When working with reports, users can independently and in real time obtain dozens of report variations with sub-second response times.

Users can print and save reports in various formats - Microcube, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, and email them to colleagues.

Access to reports
Contour Reporter provides extremely convenient and flexible access to reports. Users can open a package of reports from the BI project, find report in a folder and open it as a standalone file, open it right from a link on a website, or receive report via e-mail by opening the attachment.

The technology of linked reports (Drill Through) allows seamless switching from consolidated to transactional report, from one database to another, analysing massive amounts of data.

Data integration
Linked reportsallow quick setup of a workplace for executive or for a leading specialist, gathering connected reports that get information from different infosystems of an organization. A report built from CRM data, can be immediately integrated with a report containing data from ERP, and from there get a report based on data entered in an Excel spreadsheet.

Fast reporting
Contour Reporter creates reports based on large amounts of data - millions of records- very quickly. In order to ensure maximum performance optimization, Contour Reporter supports three OLAP technologies:

ROLAP íV building reports from relational databases. Query the database and receive reports in real time
MOLAP íV instant opening of pre-built reports
HOLAP íV immediate opening of pre-built reports with the ability to update them from relational database

Easy Report construction
Reports in Contour Reporter are created without programming. Therefore, deep technical knowledge is not required.
Smart tools and technologies implemented in the application help create reports quickly - in matter of minutes.

Various report types
Contour Reporter lets you build powerful analytical OLAP reports, simple table reports, and custom forms that include tables, charts, custom texts, automatic text comments on values, as well as headers and footers.

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