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GTP.NET for Windows Forms and for ASP.NET with support for Ajax
the interactive Gantt chart and Schedule chart

GTP.NET is a component package for .NET. The components helps you with time visualization and interaction. GTP.NET contains a fully interactive Gantt chart and a fully interactive Schedule chart. GTP.NET components can be delivered via WindowsForms applications, ASP.NET, Microsoft Ajax and even in reduced trust environments like ClickOnce and XBAP. GTP.NET is runtime license free.

One of the exciting new things in GTP.NET 3.0 is the "Gantt_ASP Client side moveable time items", or Ajax time items if you would like. This enables you to build true web 2.0 solutions with the GTP.NET. We have several Ajax samples running here. In these samples we bind to a datasource to show GridNodes and GanttRows with some TimeItems. You can move and resize the time items in the browser. You can even switch rows for time items in the browser. We also added the Schedule mode to the Gantt_ASP to allow you to flip the Gantt-chart to a schedule.

The interactive Gantt chart for Windows Forms has also been extended. One thing in particular that makes the GTP.NET stand out from the crowd is the selectable and re-assignable links. And in GTP.NET 3.0 we take it even one step further by providing full databind for links between time items, it has never been easier than today to whip up a good maintainable gui for your time based information. The package offers ASP.NET with Ajax and Windows Forms Gantt. Since the product is fully security aware you can even deploy XBAP or ClickOnce solutions with internet trust level.

Introduction to GTP.NET 3.0
GTP.NET 3.0 contains a sample series named "LetsBuild_". Currently there are 3 distinctively different samples in this series. They are "LetsBuild_ProjectPlanner", "LetsBuild_ResourceBooker" and "LetsBuild_WeeklyPlanner".

The 3 samples shows different patterns of time visualization and manipulation. Depending on your current task you can choose the sample that resembles your need at hand the most and quickly get started with GTP.NET.

All 3 samples are short and to the point of the problem they solve. You will want to elaborate a lot more to get a compelling finished product.

PlexityHide also offers a lot more specialized samples that can be downloaded to really get in deep with the GTP.NET object model, but if you just stick to the "LetsBuild_" samples series we believe you will get started and introduced to the important parts just fine.

The samples build WindowsForms applications, and they are key to understanding GTP.NET even if your aim is to build ASP.NET or Ajax solutions with the GTP.NET.

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