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phGantTimePackage For Developers

PlexityHide develops OO-applications, tools and components for windows using com, VCL and .NET. We develop and support the phGantTimePackage, the market leading component package for time planning.

Available as .NET compatible ActiveX and VCL.

The phGantt and phSchema-components are part of the plexityHide phGantTimePackage. It is a fast, fully object-oriented ActiveX component, written in Delphi 7.0 and compatible with all ActiveX-containers and .NET. (including but not limited to Visual Studio, VB6, FoxPro, Access, Delphi, BCB, PowerBuilder)

Gantt chart diagrams are a good way of presenting scheduled tasks. Almost all administrative software systems deal with scheduling of some sort, either if it is things to come or things that have happened. phGantTimePackage covers the need for presentation and manipulation. There are other products that cover the need for presentation but no other product ties the powerful presentation together with manipulation like the phGantTimePackage.


Using the phGantTimePackage you will be able to meet your future users expectations of viewing and manipulating time information. You can as a developer still keep your own personal touch of look and feel, and still get complex things done quickly. You can as a manager trust in that your developers has a state of the art time visualizing tool, and that they will be able to grow with it and use it in many projects for tasks not yet thought of. Your company do NOT need to pay royalties or runtime fees. These components are truly generic and are frequently used in many branches of industry and service. And when it comes to producing output the time package do not set any limitations, just specify what you want to see and send it to the printer or a bitmap, or a jpeg, or a third party reporting tool. We at plexityHide recognize your need for stable and long lasting investments. We know that this is what the time package offers. Read the testimonials.

When is the delivery due? How long has she been employed? Is that office taken next Friday? Who works this weekend? When did that plane arrive? Does this event depend on other things? In which order should this be done? Why is it taking so long? What happens next year? Does it correlate to what happened last year? Hey you cannot rent that room to two persons at the same time, can you? What is the overlap? Time visualization is needed in almost all administrative projects!

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Manufacturer: PlexityHide
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