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MacKichan MuPAD Pro 4

MuPAD Pro 4 is an integrated and open mathematical problem-solving environment for symbolic and numeric computing. MuPAD Pro 4 is a full-fledged computer algebra system with a rich set of features including extensive computational capabilities and an integrated Virtual Camera (VCam) toolkit for visualization, animation, and interactive manipulation of 2D and 3D plots and other mathematical objects.

MuPAD Pro is intended for an extremely broad range of users. Its concept of domains and categories corresponds to object-oriented classes and supports overloading of methods and operators, inheritance, and generic algorithms. The MuPAD language has a Pascal-like syntax and allows imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming. A comfortable notebook interface includes high-quality interactive 2D and 3D graphics tools for visualization and animation, an integrated source-level debugger, a profiler, and comprehensive hypertext help with extensive examples.

Version 4 adds to the capabilities of earlier versions of MuPAD Pro with a new uniform user interface for all supported operating systems: Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. The new version has enhanced text formatting capabilities for creating scientific materials and teaching materials. MuPAD XML Notebooks can be exchanged across platforms and exported as PDF documents. A new, comprehensive help system, complete with examples, supports live graphics and full-text search throughout the documentation.

Use MuPAD Pro 4 to develop real-world solutions and applications.

- Use convenient keyboard and mouse commands to solve numeric and symbolic equations.
- Understand implicit assumptions often made by other computer algebra systems.
- Visually depict complicated functions in two and three dimensions.
- Write programs to solve complex problems using a familiar, high-level language.
- Debug your programs at the source code level, for speed and convenience.
- Save time by incorporating MuPAD programs written elsewhere.

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