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Oxygen Forensic

Oxygen Forensic is a PC software designed to extract the maximum information from mobile phones and smartphones for investigation purposes. This program played a significant role in criminal and other investigations all over the world. One of the main software goals is a retrieval of the information that could be provided as a witness in court.

Oxygen Forensic is widely used all over the world. Among our clients there are Law Enforcement units, Police Departments, army, customs and tax services, and other government authorities. Since 2002 Oxygen Forensic has been successfully used in more than 20 countries over the world, including Great Britain, the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and others.

Mobile phones information is of great value nowadays. Mobile phones play significant role in our life. People store a lot of important information in their cell-phones: telephone numbers, addresses, photos, e-mails, notes, messages, calls history, voice records, sounds etc. The growth of the data amount stored in mobile devices makes the fast, convenient and thorough data analysis much more important.

Oxygen Forensic can extract maximum of the important information. The program allows to read as much information from phone as possible without using an additional equipment: phone basic information and SIM-card data, contacts list (phone numbers, photo, e-mail, addresses, faxes etc), caller groups, log records (missed, outgoing and incoming calls), SMS, MMS and E-mail messages (including service data), calendar events schedule, To-Do items, text notes, photos, video, sound, Java and other files saved in the phone memory or on the flash card, voice records etc. The list of supported features depends on a certain phone model. With the help of Oxygen Forensic only it is possible to extract the unique data from Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ3 smartphones, such as contacts, phone numbers, addresses, calls history and messages.

More than 200 mobile phone models are supported. And the list is rapidly growing! Oxygen Forensic can get data from Nokia, Vertu, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Panasonic and other phones and smartphones. The list of supported phone models is constantly growing. Visit our site to get the most up-to-date version supporting the latest phone models.

Convenient analysis and data export, reports generation. Mobile phone information analysis could be done from the program directly or with the help of advanced export function. Reports could be created in the most popular file formats and then either printed or sent to remote departments and experts. Reports may contain information about a mobile phone owner, a person who performs an investigation, log number and other necessary information.

Guarantee of the data invariability. Oxygen Forensic guarantees mobile phone data invariability while accessing it from the program. The software operates in read-only mode. No data can be changed.

All national symbols support. Oxygen Forensic has a full support of Unicode standard. So the multilanguage information is read and shown correctly.

Oxygen Forensic Viewer - a special utility for remote analysis. If you need to send the extracted information outside, e.g. for analysis by remote experts, your colleagues can have the data presented in the same convenient interface as yours. Oxygen Forensic Viewer is a special view-only software for remote analysis of mobile phones data.

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