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Perpetuum Instrumentation ModelKit

Use advanced .Net gauges to create high-performance digital dashboards

Your application interface requires non-standard manipulation controls, but the instrumentation components libraries available are not flexible enough to achieve the results you desire?

Instrumentation ModelKit™ is the beginning of a new age in the world of instrumentation and graphic components for .NET Framework. This product has been designed as a universal solution for .NET application developers ¡V it contains only 100% managed code and can be used with various Integrated Development Environments such as MS Visual Studio.NET, Borland C# Builder, Borland Delphi 8, and any other IDEs supporting .NET Framework.

Save Time and Money! The Instrumentation ModelKit™ is an irreplaceable solution for creating hardware emulators, Computer-Assisted Training systems, SCADA systems, and human-engineered interfaces. This package will allow you to use hundreds of visual components concurrently. It is highly superior to dozens of similar products that offer limited collections of controls; you won¡¦t have to program or search for a new product every time you need a new graphic control. The graphics editor allows the creation of new visual components with a unique look and functionality; with only a few mouse clicks, you can design the exact controls required. As well as common controls such as Progress bars, Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Odometers, Thermometers, Switches etc., you can develop specialized elements peculiar to your industry: Manipulators, Scales, Special-purpose Devices, and many other controls. At the same time it is not always necessary to create new controls from scratch since a rich library of ready-made controls prepared by our designers is included in the package. The template wizard adds more convenience and makes working with the Instrumentation ModelKit™ even faster and more efficacious. The elements you create can arbitrarily combine drawing primitives, bitmapped images, and specialized elements (such as scales and sliders). The setting of a control's appearance is simplified by using control styles and interactive objects¡¦ behavior can be assigned without a single line of code.
This approach provides a unique opportunity for more effective control over the development process and increased productivity due to substantial savings of time in software development, debugging, and documentation. Instrumentation ModelKit™ is royalty-free so you can save thousands of dollars while developing and marketing your programs. Full source code provided with the professional version will give you full control of your application.

Make the Boredom of GUI Development Turn Into a Flight of Fancy. With the Instrumentation ModelKit™, you will be able to use your imagination to make the appearance of your applications unique and attractive, while, at the same time, discovering new directions for further development. The ability to use templates, together with individual control settings and the assignment of individual styles to visual components, contributes to an infinite library expansion. This along with the fast creation of new controls and the availability of specialized elements removes any limits to the use of the Instrumentation ModelKit™.

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Manufacturer: Perpetuum Software
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