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Perpetuum .NET Dashboard Suite

Use .Net Dashboard Suite to build advanced digital dashboards in minutes

Digital dashboard is an effective visualization tool for decision-makers to view and analyze corporate real-time information. If you have quick access to easy-to-comprehend and precise data, you are able to run companyˇ¦s activity more effectively. Usually, such information organized in a concise way is represented by charts and gauges.

Now with the release of the .NET Dashboard Suite™ it is possible to design complicated and intelligent digital dashboards in minutes.

The .Net Dashboard Suite™ includes the Instrumentation ModelKit™ representing a library of fully customizable gauges and other visual controls and the Chart ModelKit™ that is a component for creating effective charts and graphs.

This components suite provides an interconnected framework with unified design time and runtime customization facilities with common data management and appearance customization methods. Identical designers allow the creation of gauges and charts having both unique appearance and functionality with a few mouse clicks. It is possible to access any elementˇ¦s property and change it interactively. Products are fully compatible with .NET, contain only managed code and easily integrate into MS Visual Studio.

When creating digital dashboards you donˇ¦t need to write sophisticated code. Chart ModelKit™ and Instrumentation ModelKit™ architecture allows the assignment of the interactive objects behavior without coding. The user-friendly interface makes working with the products intuitive. For creating gauges or charts, you can use a rich library of ready-made elements or design them from scratch. The .NET Dashboard Suite provides the ability to design complicated non-standard instruments, used in industry-specific applications.

This components suite obtains advantages that will help you save time and effort when developing digital dashboards. They are:

Full compatibility of the components. You donˇ¦t need to look for solutions developed by separate vendors, test their compatibility or spend time adjusting them to each other.
Unified methods of management and setting will help you reduce the time required for exploring products.
Free updates and upgrades for 1 year will allow you to use the latest technologies in your projects.
Free and timely technical support for 1 year.
Royalty-free runtime of the products requiring no additional fees.
Full source code availability provides total control over the application.

The .Net Dashboard Suite™ is an ideal solution for developers who are engaged in the development of advanced visualization applications.

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