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E-Learning Solutions

Netop Vision

Classroom Management Software

The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology - now even better!
The #1 choice of teachers, Vision is the most popular brand of classroom management software because it makes teaching with computers easier and more effective. And now Vision7 offers a fully redesigned interface, putting frequently used features at the forefront, so helping your students learn is even easier.

Engage the entire class
Demonstrate directly on student computers with screen-sharing technology that engages student attention, increases comprehension and improves retention of key concepts.

Guide student learning
Use chat to help any student through a tough problem right from the teacher's desk or take remote control of the student's computer to demonstrate a solution.

Focus student attention
Launch files, applications and web sites on student computers and block out distractions. Vision7 helps teachers to make the most of valuable class time and keep the whole class learning together.

Supervise student computer use
Monitor the whole classroom from the teacher's computer. Keep an eye on web browsing, identify students who need extra help and improve classroom time on task.

Control classroom web browsing
Guide students to appropriate web sites, filter out the rest. Vision7 gives teachers instant control over student Internet access. Apply web filters or block Internet access with one click.

Unique push-button controls
Vision is available with the Netop TeachPad, the one-of-a-kind tool that provides push-button control over classroom computers. There is no easier way to teach with technology.

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