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Dart FTP for .NET

A .NET FTP component and set of objects that provide flexibility, ease of use, and security for efficiently developing a broad spectrum of file transfer applications.

All the standard features of the FTP protocol
- Upload, download and delete files and directories
- Parse listings automatically
- ASCII and binary transfers
- Passive and active transfers
- Resume and abort transfers

Integrate security in file transfer applications
- SSL2, SSL3, PCT, TLS support for stream-level security
- Client-side and server-side authentication options
- Network Address Translation (NAT) router support for secure transfers
- Explicit and implicit FTPS support
- X509 certificate management

Includes features not found in the .NET Framework
- Comprehensive explicit and implicit encryption
- Recursive wild-card directory transfers and deletions
- "On-the-fly" ZLIB compression support
- File listing parsing
- Trace event for session logging and debugging
- Extensive firewall and proxy support

Efficiency and Flexibility
- Progress event for monitoring transfer rate and advancement
- Stream interface provides direct access to the data connection
- Large file (greater than 4 GB) support
- On-the-fly ZLIB compression
- Synchronous and asynchronous operation using worker threads
- Fully developed in managed C#

- MGET and MPUT support for multiple file transfers using wildcards
- Trace event for session logging and debugging
- Custom commands for idiosyncratic servers
- Firewall and proxy support, including SOCKS, Http CONNECT and more
- Many sample projects for both C# and VB.NET are included.

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Manufacturer: Dart Communications
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