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Programming Tools: Microsoft .NET Tools

Dart Mail for .NET

set of .NET components that seamlessly combine security, efficiency, and ease of use for quickly developing a wide range of email-handling .NET applications

Send, receive and manage email with standard protocols
- SMTP and POP3 components for sending and receiving email
- IMAP4 component for securely managing messages on any IMAP4 server, including GMail
- MIME and S/MIME for encoding and decoding binary data such as images and applications in messages

Integrate security in email-handling applications
- S/MIME encoder and decoder for full message security
- SSL2, SSL3, PCT, TLS support for stream-level security
- Client-side and server-side authentication options
- X509 certificate management

Includes features not found in the .NET Framework
- Supports POP3, IMAP4 and MIME decoding (receiving email)
- S/MIME encoding and decoding (privacy and authentication)
- Provides progress for sending and receiving email
- "On-the-fly" stream encoding and decoding

Efficiency and Stability
- MessageStream class for enhanced authoring and editing
- Stream interface encodes and decodes on-the-fly
- Synchronous and asynchronous operation using worker threads
- Pipelining support for sending multiple messages
- Fully developed in managed C#

Ease-of-use and Flexibility
- Yahoo! Mail and GMail account integration
- Base64, Quoted Printable, UUEncode and Y-encoding support
- Internationalization support for encoding and decoding non-ASCII character sets (Kanji, JIS, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
- HTML email message creation from HTML documents in one line of code
- S/MIME and MIME format conversion with a single method call
- Many sample projects for both C# and VB.NET, as well as ASP.NET included

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Manufacturer: Dart Communications
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