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Dart Sockets for .NET

Build your own scalable Internet/Intranet server application in .NET with every connection getting an individual thread. Easy-to-use TCP and UDP components allow for Internet client applications with only a few lines of code and convenient Events. The Ping component enables server verification using ICMP, UDP, and TCP, while the Trace component conducts an asynchronous Trace Route for fast response. The Dns component is not dependent on OS services, allowing for the use of any DNS server. Advanced SegmentedStream technology allows for data to be received up to a specific delimeter or fixed-length, which is ideal for building custom TCP-based protocols.

- Build multi-threaded TCP Server applications and services.
- Supports International character sets.
- AutoReceive technology reduces code by managing all incoming data.
- On-the-fly data parsing and Event notification with the TCP component.
- Supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies.
- High performance Server component accepts every connection on a separate thread (tested at over 75 connections per second).
- Sockets for .NET components are designed for usage on the desktop, in a Web Service, or in ASP.NET.
- Unique asynchronous UDP send/receive capability enhances what is provided in the Microsoft .NET Framework.
- EnhancedStream and PipeStream classes allow developers to create their own powerful streams.
- Look-ups, reverse address look-ups, and mail address look-ups (from MX records) with user defined DNS servers using the Dns component.
- Ping component allows for host verification using ICMP, UDP, and TCP protocols.
- Trace component supports asynchronous echoes for unprecedented trace route performance.
- Each component architected to take advantage of .NET object-oriented capabilities.
- 100% managed C# code!
- Each component has multi-threaded asynchronous functionality.
- Each component allows user-interface events to process during synchronous use.
- Each component is thread-safe on critical members.
- Debugging has been extended beyond run-time testing to a design-time Editor in every component to allow connectivity to be tested without compiling. Properties set in the Editor are recorded directly in the code, and a real-time feedback window gives detailed information about results.
- Full 64 bit environment support.
- Includes a royalty-free license.
- Over 2 dozen tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide with full support for dynamic help are included with the integrated Help 2.0 documentation.
- Integrates with versions 2.0+ of Visual Studio and supports C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, and other .NET compliant development environments.

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Manufacturer: Dart Communications
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