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Dart FTP for ActiveX

Communicate with any standard FTP or secure FTPS server using PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX.

- FTP component supports both standard and secure FTP, including SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, PCT, TLS.
- Supports use in traditional client applications, windows services, and scalable ASP applications.
- Includes mput and mget methods for transferring multiple files (including directory trees) with ease.
- Parses directory listings into properties for file name, size, etc., automatically.
- Creates and deletes directories on the server.
- Provides full support for large files (files over 2 GB in size).
- Features customizable certificate acceptance, including optional client authentication.
- Includes optional zip compression/decompression of transferred files (For building a stand-alone zip utility see PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX).
- Retrieves and stores file data directly to and from memory when desired.
- Performs ASCII and binary transfers, in both Passive and Active modes.
- Resumes interrupted transfers, and aborts transfers without losing the session connection.
- Reports bytes sent and received in real-time.
- Supports custom commands.
- Supports both asynchronous (event-driven) and synchronous (scripted) application designs.
- Transfers files through all common firewalls and proxies, including Socks 4/5, Ftp SITE, Ftp USER, Ftp OPEN, and more.
- Supports multi-threaded environments and COM+ Component Services.
- Highly stable; released initially in 1999, PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX has been optimized for ease-of-use and consistently updated for stability based on the feedback of thousands of users.
- Contains sample projects written in Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, and PowerBuilder.
- Includes context-sensitive Help with tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide.
- Includes a royalty-free license.

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Manufacturer: Dart Communications
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