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Dart Ping Enterprise for ActiveX

The PowerTCP Ping Enterprise Tool is designed for the following scenarios:

- 24/7 reliability
- High speed
- Scalability
- Low resource consumption

What Makes PowerTCP Ping Enterprise So Special?

The PowerTCP Ping Enterprise Tool is designed to meet the specific needs of high reliability and high stress requirements. While most ping components are plagued by memory leaks and other types of instability in heavy usage scenarios, this product has been designed to meet the most rigorous demands and performance standards. Using an internal multi-threaded design, the Ping ActiveX control is engineered to operate in an environment that requires 24/7 uptime while conducting continuous pings against one or more devices. Using the asynchronous capability of the control, numerous pings can be conducted every second while tracking the number of outstanding pings at any point in time.

- Multi-threaded internal architecture.
- Engineered for low resource consumption and 24/7 uptime.
- Does not use raw sockets so administrator account is not required for ASP.
- Can conduct numerous simultaneous ping operations per second (total number dependent on system capabilities).
- Tracks the number of outstanding pings.
- Can be used in both blocking environments (such as ASP) and non-blocking (such as a Windows applications).
- Automatic name-to-address (and optional reverse name resolution).
- Ping ActiveX control is 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included.
- C++ wrapper class.
- Extended support for PowerBuilder.
- Includes a royalty-free license.

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Manufacturer: Dart Communications
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