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Vsoft FinalBuilder Server

FinalBuilder Server is a powerful automated build and continuous integration server. Through its rich web interface, FinalBuilder Server simplifies the implementation of sophisticated build, test and release systems and centralises build management to provide you with complete control of your build system.

Important build information is made easily accessible with FinalBuilder Server. Snapshots about the current status of build projects provide a quick overview of the health of your lastest builds. Then digging deeper into FinalBuilder Server, you can also access complete build logs, build history and metrics to get an indepth understanding of every aspect of your automated build process.

Once a build project is configured in FinalBuilder Server, a single click can start or stop a build or it can be run automatically with a time, process or continuous integration trigger. FinalBuilder Server also provides access to the build queue and individual projects triggers, variables and notifications to empower you with remote control over your build projects.

Access to all of these great features is safely managed through an Active Directory (LDAP) integrated Team Management System. Role based permission management is the backbone of this system, allowing administrators to assign each user a set of permissions for interacting with build projects.

The benefits of using FinalBuilder Server include:
- Easily accessible build information (even away from your build machine);
- Centralised build control for effective build project management;
- Build project independence from particular developers or machines;
- Simplified implementation of continuous integration and continuous feedback;
- All the benefits of using the FinalBuilder IDE to automate your builds.

The features of FinalBuilder Server include:
- Continuous Integration triggers for a number of version control systems;
- Build Notifications for instant feedback via email and RSS;
- Comprehensive build logs and insightful build metrics;
- Active Directory (LDAP) integrated Team Management System with role based permissions management;
- Time and process triggers for daily builds, nightly builds and more automatically executed builds;
- Build Responsibility system to fix broken builds faster; all packaged in a
- Rich web interface.

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Manufacturer: Vsoft Technologies
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