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Vsoft FinalBuilder

What is FinalBuilder?

Software projects are inherently complex, and creating a build process can be fraught with errors and oversights. FinalBuilder is a powerful Automated Build & Release Management tool that makes it easy to define and maintain a reliable and repeatable build process.

FinalBuilder features over 600 built in Actions which allow you to (these are just a few) :
- Schedule daily or nightly builds
- Compile applications from source code
- Compile setup/installer programs
- Work with Version Control Systems, to get, check out, check in & label files
- Handle versioning with ease
- Create & edit INI files & Windows registry keys
- Burn CD's & DVD's, or create CD/DVD images (ISO images)
- Zip & unzip files and other archive formats
- Run automated testing
- FTP files to/from servers
- Send emails, post on news servers
- Handle errors, run multiple tasks in parallel, and dynamically change the build flow
- Iterate over sets of files and other lists
- Compile help files

Why use FinalBuilder?
Traditionally, developers have used DOS batch files or general purpose scripting tools to automate builds. Batch files and scripts are typically difficult to maintain, difficult for people to understand and suffer from a lack of proper error handling. It can often take a long time to evolve a batch file or script to the point where it is reliable enough for use, whereas automating the build process with an automated build tool such as FinalBuilder is quick and easy. Anyone can create, maintain, debug, and edit a build process with FinalBuilder.

FinalBuilder will help you to :

- Save time and money - automated builds are typically much quicker than manual builds, sometimes cutting something that took a day down to minutes.
- Allow anyone in the team to run a build - FinalBuilder is so easy to use, so you won't need a "build guru" to create, maintain and run your builds.
- Improve the quality of your releases - FinalBuilder cuts the human error factor substantially, automating boring and repetitive tasks.
- Have a record of what was built when - FinalBuilder logs the output from all the tools it calls, and the logs from previous builds are archived.

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