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Vsoft Automise

What is Automise?
Traditionally, batch files and scripts have been used to automate Windows. For complex processes, these can be slow to create, difficult to maintain and suffer from a lack of proper error handling. Automise offers a quick and easy alternative for automating Windows tasks.

Automise empowers you to automate Windows using drag-and-drop in a graphical interface. Use any of Automise's built-in 'actions' to automate a single common task or add actions to a workflow to automate an entire IT process. Once created, anyone can run a project with a single click, keystroke or automatically on a schedule.

With a wide variety of built-in functionality and support for many 3rd party applications, Automise can automate a variety of Windows tasks. It even includes flow control and error handling to develop dynamic automation projects and ActionStudio for making custom actions.

What can Automise automate?
Add any of Automise's 380 built-in actions to a workflow and you can automate:

file operations (copy, move, create, delete, etc)
mouse clicks and movement
CD/DVD burning
Active Directory management
IIS 5 and 6 operations (start, stop, create website, etc)
downloading and uploading websites
batch image manipulation
database manipulations using SQL or stored procedures
FTP operations (put, get, create directory, etc)
iteration through files, folders, file content, lists
creating zip files, unpack RAR files, etc
manipulate XML files
PDF conversion and manipulation
WMI operations
and much more!

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