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Intersoft Premier Studio 2013

Featuring the new data visualization suite and over 370 advanced components, it¡¦s the ultimate Premier® suite for your ASP.NET, Silverlight WPF development, and mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows.

What¡¦s Inside

Mobile Development
Intersoft¡¦s Crosslight® build Rich Applications designed to run on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet computer.

Silverlight Development
Intersoft¡¦s Silverlight Suite® creates Rich Internet Applications the way they were meant to be ¡V compelling and sophisticated.

WPF Development
WebUI Studio for WPF is the most comprehensive commercial toolset for building next-generation data-driven applications targeting web and desktop platform.

ASP.NET Development
Discover over 40 advanced, polished components, with hundreds of easy-to-use features in a matter of click-and-set convenience ¡V shaving weeks off your timetable.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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