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Intersoft WebGrid Enterprise 8 for ASP.NET

The world's most advanced data grid. Brilliantly perfected.

WebGrid Enterprise 8 delivers over 75+ innovative features, including revolutionary batch editing, client side binding, three new visual themes, custom editor pack 3, full HTML 5 & CSS3 support, and more.

Unprecedented Excellence

Captivating style, a user-friendly interface, powerful performance, and swift data handling are packed into the all new WebGrid Enterprise.

We¡¦ve added 3 new themes, column action UI, a Vista-style calendar editor, WebTextEditor integration, and much more to provide a user experience of unprecedented excellence.

Data Editing Redefined
SmartBatchUpdate™ creates a revolution in data editing for modern enterprise applications. Unlike other data editing solutions, SmartBatchUpdate gives users control over updates to the physical database.

This powerful and intuitive component also features a pending changes mechanism to notify user of changes made, cascading edit to perform editing in various table levels, automatic change preservation, and more.

Add Offline Capabilities, 10x Faster Performance with Client Binding
Let your users keep working even when they can¡¦t connect to the internet. With the groundbreaking Client Binding architecture of WebGrid Enterprise, you can create offline-capable web applications that can take advantage of cutting-edge Web technologies like cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Introducing VirtualRendering™ -- a subset of Client Binding technology that renders raw data in the client-side, WebGrid Enterprise 8 sets a new breakthrough record in data processing performance.

The main benefit of client binding compared to the traditional server-side binding is the smaller data footprint. When operating in client-binding mode, WebGrid returns raw data in JSON format which dramatically reduces data footprint size by over 90%.

Turn Raw Data into Stunning Graphical Views
Are your users struggling to make decisions in an ocean of text and numbers? Throw them a lifeline with WebGrid Enterprise. With a click of the mouse they can instantly switch between data and pivot chart views, transforming a screen full of raw data into a stunning interactive pivot chart.

Seamlessly Connect Data
Optimized to support all .NET compliant datasource controls, and with exclusive support for ISDataSource, WebGrid Enterprise connects to your datasources with ease. The configuration wizard makes hierarchical databinding and connection setup a snap.

Stop Wasting Precious Time
Designed with developers in mind, WebGrid Enterprise not only offers advanced features, but maximizes your productivity as well. With the brand new Component Designer 2.0, you can simply drag and drop an instance of WebGrid, set a few properties in the designer window, and you¡¦re done.

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