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Intersoft WebDesktop 4 for ASP.NET

Deliver pure desktop experiences to the web with stunning UI controls.

All you need to transform desktop into web - from Windows® style desktop manager, dock-able toolbar, Vista-style drag-drop, and much more.

Deliver a Full-fledged Desktop Experience

WebDesktop is the first comprehensive desktop user interface design suite that streamlines development so far, that even a sole developer can deliver rich, line-of-business web applications in a timely, cost effective manner. Enjoy the works: desktop manager, pane manager, tabs, buttons, explorer panes, navigation panes, drag-and-drop framework, AJAX manager, and 15 others. Easily blend the richness of a familiar desktop experience into your enterprise web applications in mere minutes.

Pixel-perfect Presentations
Gone are the dark days of re-designing user interfaces repeatedly. Powered by solid rendering architecture and dozens of innovative components, WebDesktop enables you to build stellar presentation layers with flawless, pixel-perfect rendering. Users may now access your Rich Internet Applications from anywhere, anytime ¡V from any browser.

XHTML-Ready Components
Embed XTHML¡¦s luxurious dialog box and captivating menu system into any of your applications with ease. Simply drag-and-drop an instance of WebMenu or WebDialogBox, set the properties, and the component is up and running.

Blazing Fast AJAX Applications
Surpassing every other web application¡¦s performance, the WebDesktop¡¦s WebFlyPostBackManager delivers a more responsive and engaging user experience. Its JSON response format provides lightening quick server-side data transmission.

¡§Dual Process¡¨ Development
By separating the design and development processes, WebDesktop¡¦s smart WebStyleManager enables designers to perform creative tasks independently, while developers focus on writing code ¡V and the two halves quickly snap together for final delivery. The resulting ¡§dual process¡¨ can cut development time in half.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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