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Intersoft WebTreeView for ASP.NET

The most advanced tree view component for ASP.NET

Key features include tri-state checkbox, full keyboard support, multiple selections, sophisticated drag-drop across tree, advanced load-on-demand.

The Next Generation Treeview
WebTreeView offers an unsurpassed treeview control for ASP.NET with a myriad of advanced capabilities, unsurpassed performance and reliability, and highly flexible customization and styling.

Built for Performance
Of all the treeview controls available today, only one has the power to smoothly navigate large, deeply structured data: WebTreeView. Using Intersoft's advanced Load-on-Demand technology, WebTreeView is a perfect match for web applications of any size from small personal applications to large-scale enterprise data centers.

Vista-style Drag and Drop
A truly standout feature of WebTreeView is the built-in drag-and-drop capability. Faithfully reproducing Vista behaviors, it lets you give your users more than simple hierarchical navigation.

Nodes can be dragged and dropped onto other nodes regardless of the structure, and dragged parent nodes retain all levels of child nodes as well.

Flexible Checkboxes
An exclusive Intersoft innovation, WebTreeView offers both the standard checkbox and the unique TriState checkbox. Ideal when presenting deeply structured data, the TriState checkbox supports three visual states: checked, indeterminate, and unchecked.

Rich Node Editing
With a comprehensive Client API, editing a node in WebTreeView couldn't be easier. Simply call a method, passing along the required parameters. Whether you want to add a new root node, a new parent node, or a child node, WebTreeView does it all.

Comprehensive Client API
WebTreeView offers unmatched developer flexibility. Follow your own creative instincts and create the treeview control of your dreams. The rock-solid Client API gives you the power to do more, control more, and tweak more than ever before.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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