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Intersoft WebAqua 2 for ASP.NET

Introducing breakthrough user experiences such as intuitive Dock navigation and stunning Coverflow media player, WebAqua 2 takes your Web to a new height.

Strikingly Beautiful Silverlight Toolsets
With its pure Silverlight 3 technology implementation, Aqua delivers a spectacular, crystal-clear UI for your next generation web application. Version 2 contains two Silverlight controls: FishEye and CoverFlow. Unlike other Silverlight components, Aqua is focused on enterprise-scale applications where both performance and visual appeal are crucial. The result is breathtaking web applications and an unforgettable user experience.

Browse Online Media in 3-D Cinematic Style
Originally introduced in the first release of Aqua, CoverFlow redefines online media browsing. Say goodbye to old-fashioned links and boring video windows ˇVCoverFlow lets you browse and play multimedia instantly in a cool, modern iTunes-style cover flow interface.

Web Navigation Reinvented
Give your users a truly revolutionary web navigation environment. Representing the next generation of icon and text link navigation systems, FishEye lets them glide effortlessly through your web applications.

Enterprise Focus
True enterprise-scale applications demand components that can consistently deliver under the heaviest of data loads. FishEye and CoverFlow are designed to meet this challenge with full support for databinding and templating. Used as an online media browser, a card-style customer data viewer, a docking navigation bar, or a visual employee login selector, FishEye and CoverFlow have the power and style to get the job done.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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