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Intersoft WebScheduler 4 for ASP.NET

The industry's most advanced scheduling component.
Now, more refined and more powerful enterprise-level features.

Superior data rendering, unsurpassed data interaction, flexible time intervals, unique time disabling function, XHTML support, new visual themes, and more. WebScheduler is the premier enterprise scheduling solution.

The next level performance

The incredible data transmission speed is one of the main reasons why people love and choose WebScheduler the most. Now, enhanced with JSON server-side response technology, powerful client paging, and script modularization, it's even swifter and nimbler íV so you can deliver the best scheduling experience ever.

Smart Rendering Engine
The new WebScheduler's rendering engine, Client Paging, smartly detects which events should be rendered and which should be hidden. It's an elegant solution to the scalability issue that results in improved rendering for superior response time.

Sophisticated Scheduling Experiences
Thoughtfully designed for the utmost ease of use, WebScheduler combines an unsurpassed user experience with stunning visuals to create the ultimate web scheduling application. Featuring comprehensive XHTML support, new visual themes, elegant Google-style callouts, and multiple cell selections and more, WebScheduler lets your users master complex scheduling tasks in a click.

Gantt-style View with Data Drilling
WebScheduler includes the unique TimelineView™, an innovative feature that displays events in a Gantt-style interface with six levels of drill-down, built-in data exporting capability, and many advanced configurations.

Listing Resources in rows and time in columns, this feature is especially useful for building Enterprise Resources Planning applications that require extremely complex project forecasting.

Highly Extensible Edit Form
Take complete control of the WebScheduler editor and customize it to precisely match your application needs. An Open Architecture design lets you easily customize the styles, appearance, and layout of the Edit Form. With full access to the Edit Form object model, you can easily add custom fields and change control behavior.

Synchronize Data Effortlessly
How long would it take with your current scheduler to break down a significant and complex project, add it to the team schedule with appropriate deadlines for each team member, and synchronize it with each memberíŽs Microsoft Outlook® 2007? With WebScheduler, you'd be done by the time you finish reading this page.

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